Photos between 3/20/11 & 5/1/11

She likes going up the stairs

Just doesn't want to work on going down them

Working on walking with his SWASH brace and shopping cart

He sits so good in the SWASH

We bought a platform swing that hangs in the doorway - he loves it

Megan trying to figure out how she's going to get through that small hole

After the cookie

Working on kneeling

Still loves to watch movie credits

Playing with Daddy through the door

Realized if she can't get through the small hole she'll get through going the other way

In their gifts Mom brought from Orlando

Sitting nicely at his art desk

Chuck E Cheese guy in JumpStart school program

His classmates from left to right Lizzie, Ian, Benson (plus therapists and aides)

Maddy, Asher & Ryan (again with therapists and aides)

Pressing the switch that said 'Hi Joey'

Giving one of the therapy dogs the "trash"

With his classmates singing songs for the parents

Our silly little girl loves to cover herself up whether or not anyone is watching to play peek a boo

Peek a boo


With Great Grandma Betty

With Uncle Tucker

With cousin Hannah

She came home on the 29th with a phohawk.  She looked so dang cute!