Photos taken from 5/13/2011 to 7/4/2011

Sitting nicely on the scooter board

At the preschool tea party

So tired...

At the zoo

Playing out back

Her new thing is throwing or rolling balls

At the preschool BBQ

With his girl Lizzie

At the BBQ at cousin Nicks

Meg you need to use both hands to play 'Where's Megan?'

Ok that's better...

So silly...

Cousin Michael in the hot tub with many girls...a 14 year old boys dream

Playing outside again

Sitting nicely in Meg's chair.  After these photos he started fussing and pushed himself backwards

too far and fell to the floor.  He wasn't too happy...

The kids playing - see the video it is so cute

New pool - more room for more fun

Video of Megan taking some of her first steps

Megan & Ryan playing - so cute!