Photos from August 20 - September 4, 2011

First hair cut (just bangs) by Megan's cousin Dani

Looks cute!

Hanging at Grandma Connie's

Megan & I at my brother's before my nephew's wedding

A few photos of Justin & Heather's wedding

View from my brother's house towards the lake

I love this picture of Rowdy (Justin's son)

Justin's daughter Kendall & Heather's little sister

Megan trying to make her escape by walking up Bob's road

The reception

Megan getting her boogy on

At the beach - don't they look excited?

Fire that was burning on the other side of the river and a couple miles down from my mom's

The helicopter filled right in front of where we were watching the fire

The kids playing out front of Grandma Connie's house with cousin Taylor

Ryan had a blast using his walker around Grandma's yard and driveway

Megan having a blast with the ballpit balls in the laundry basket

Megan didn't like that it was Ryan's turn so she climbed right on top of him

Finally a turn without sissy

Before the BSU vs. Georgia game - everyone in their Kellen Moore jerseys!

So cute...

Giving brother kisses

After the game started we put her in her cheerleading outfit and gave her a pompom

Her and Evan were having a ball

(Yes there are two TVs behind the kids - not only do we have the 82" but Scott brought up the 36" for the Oregon game)

Sunday we took the kids to Settlers Park and they had a lot of fun on the swings

Ryan in a bouncy car thing

Megan loved the slide

Video of kids having fun playing together

Video of Ryan bowling

Video of Megan dancing at the wedding reception