Photos from 9/24/11 to 10/31/11

Ryan loves riding in sissy's car and lately she has loved pushing him around in it

Our cheerleader

Ryan was bowling with Grandpa

Playing with Auntie and the Rody

Grandpa rocking Meg in her chair on top of the ottoman

Mama and her boy

Her boy fast asleep on his laptop

Megan and Grandma reading 8 Silly Monkeys

Ryan actually smiled for the camera.  Nice smile buddy.

Playing with Grandpa

Grandpa taking Meg for a spin in her car and popping wheelies

For a couple nights this is how Ryan slept - deep under the covers.

He is the lump under the green patch on the quilt.

Megan sitting with some of the Halloween decor

Ryan lounging on the couch

Halloween - we had a fireman and bumblebee

Nice Daddy.