February 2011

February 7, 2011 - Life has been interesting lately.  Around the 15th of January Megan started flat out refusing the bottle.  Her and Ryan were both starting to have cold like symptoms so we were not sure if it was that or teething (although she didn't seem to have swollen gums) or that she was just done with it.  After about 10 days of fighting her about it I took her to the doctor just to take the medical part like ear infection or sore throat out of the mix.  Yep she was ok and the doc just said start working harder on the cup and solids and she just needs a minimum of 18-20 oz of formula.  We'd been achieving that so I was happy about that.  Roughly the next day things started getting easier feeding her (turkey).  Both kids were still having cold like symptoms and even I started feeling sick on the 23rd so I NyQuiled up and felt better after a couple days.  Scott started feeling sick around the 25th and it lasted.  On Friday the 28th we got a call from Developmental Therapy that Ryan wasn't feeling good and had thrown up.  Scott went and got him and then I left work early to take over and we were home bound all weekend with both kids seeming like they were sicker.  On Monday the 31st we took Ryan to the doctor and sinus infection.  Great.  Monday afternoon Megan started getting worse.  Wednesday we took her to the doctor and sinus infection with the beginnings of an ear infection.  Scott had never kicked his symptoms and they got worse on Monday night and Tuesday night my symptoms kicked up and got worse.  Thursday the 3rd both of us went to the doctor and guess what?  Sinus infections.  So here we are all on antibiotics.  By Wednesday Ryan appeared to be feeling well enough to go back to school and has been getting more and more energy.  Friday Megan appeared to be feeling well enough to go to daycare.  I was off all last week taking care of everyone.  Scott stayed home Tuesday and slept all day and has been working partial days the rest of the week hoping to help overcome it.  Saturday Scott & I were feeling better and today we're all back at work, preschool or daycare.

Because of how crappy we've been feeling we haven't done a heck of a lot but I'll update you on what else is going on.  Megan continues to get up on all 4's and rock and move backwards.  She is also working on getting down to the floor from the sitting position and she is pivoting.  This evening she was working on pulling herself forward a little bit in the army crawl position so it is starting to come along further.  She's going to be crawling here very very soon.  She loves Cheerios and drinking water from a cup.  She did cut another tooth on the bottom in all of this mess and is getting more hair every day.  She turned 9 months old today and had a good checkup.  20 lbs 11 oz (80th percentile) and 27 3/4" in length (55th percentile).  The doctor was pleased and said to go ahead and work on more and more table foods so we'll be working on that.

Ryan is doing better with sitting and the Botox has kicked in.  We bought him big boy sheets for his bed and has been doing well with those.  We've been working on getting equipment for him.  The bath seat arrived last week and I gave him a bath with it Saturday.  He did ok with it being new but he was still unsure of it.  It will take a bit more time with it before he gets comfortable with it but I definitely think he liked being in the tub and not the little duck tub.  We've found a special needs stroller that should last us until he gains 20 more pounds.  We just have to make sure the measurements are right and then that will get ordered.  The PT evaluation was to get sent to the place that is helping us with the walker so hopefully that will start moving forward.  Unfortunately preschool has been hit hard with illness so there have been lots of kids and therapists out so our PT is a bit behind. 

We've had our family advisory council meetings for pediatrics and NICU.  At the NICU one we shared our story (Scott shared our story - I'm too emotional).  The staff in attendance really loved it and the medical director asked for us to share during the NICU staff meetings in May.  After the neonates leave the NICU most staff don't know what happens with the little one - only gets to hear bits and pieces at the NICU graduate picnics or nothing so the medical director thought sharing our story - which not only touches the NICU stay but the Peds stay up to where we are today - would be great for the staff to hear so we look forward to that.

Sunday we were feeling well enough that we had a Super Bowl party with Scott's family but it was also a surprise 80th birthday party for his grandfather Fred.  Fred has also been hit by the junk we have but he got it worse with ear infections but luckily he got the antibiotics going and is feeling better and we think he enjoyed himself.

I don't have pictures ready to go yet - hopefully I can get those posted later this week so check back. 

February 14, 2011 - Happy Valentine's Day!  The four of us finished up our antibiotics over the weekend but have since had something new hit us.  On Thursday when I dropped Megan off at daycare they said that there was 1 confirmed case of RSV in her room.  Around noon I got a call saying now they were up to 2 confirmed cases of RSV and they wanted to see if the parents in rooms 1 & 2 would keep the kids home Friday so they could disinfect the rooms.  Of course we'll do that.  When I picked her up Thursday afternoon they were up to 3 confirmed cases.  For those who don't know or remember RSV is a respiratory virus that hits between November and April.  It is the leading cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in kids under 1.  In kids like Ryan it can be deadly.  This was the reason we kept him away from people during his first 2 years of life.  He received a drug called synagis for these two years that increased his antibodies so if he did get it it wouldn't kill him.  Apparently almost 100% of kids that go to daycare get it.  It presents like cold but there is a fever and if breathing problems develop it can lead to hospitalizations.  When we were in the PICU there was a 10 year old on a ventilator with RSV and all they could do is suck out his lungs.  So here we are with Megan exposed.  A cough developed around Friday and yesterday after a 3 hour nap the fever hit.  The highest it got to was 103.2.  I was up all night (and Scott was up quite a bit) with her crying and not wanting to sleep.  It was rough.  We went to the doctor this morning and confirmed it that she has RSV.  No!!!  We worked so hard for 3 years to keep it away from Ryan to now have him at risk of getting it because of his sister going to daycare.  The doctor thinks if he does get it that he is much stronger to handle it and she thought our worst case scenario for Ryan could be a short 4 day hospitalization for bronchiolitis.  We'll be starting the pulmicort neb treatments to give his lungs a boost and we'll keep the kids apart.  We disinfected the living room last night and are religiously washing hands when going from kid to kid.  Luckily Megan's fever appears to have broken so she may have a very mild case of it.  The doctor said the worst would be day 5 and I'm not sure if that is from when she got the cough or when she got the fever/runny nose so we'll be watching.  Now there are 5 kids at daycare between the 2 rooms that have it.  Happy Valentine's Day to us!  Needless to say we won't be doing anything tonight.  Luckily Scott & I went to dinner Saturday instead. 

A couple side notes from this.  Tried Megan on Kraft macaroni & cheese and she liked it - especially the feeding herself.  She also really liked drinking water from a straw.  She is also army crawling and has taken 3 steps in the 4 point crawling position and she is starting to explore all over the house.  Ryan has been having a little difficulty eating lately.  Thrown up twice in the last two days.  Don't know if he has a stomach bug or something else.  It may be time to go see our GI doc again just to see if it could be something else.  On a good note, he is doing a lot better with sitting.  We're seeing improvements!