January 2011

January 15, 2011 - Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and are enjoying 2011 so far!  We had a nice time in Palm Springs.  It was about 70 degrees the first 5 days and then a cold front came through and then it was in the 50s the rest of the time.  We missed all their horrible rains and flooding thankfully.  Flying was an adventure but we could not have been more pleased with how the kids did.  Ryan didn't like take off or landing so Scott had his work cut out for him but kept Ryan under control for the most part and then once in the air he fell asleep.  Megan was great - slept and ate - didn't mind it at all.  We had a 4 hour layover going there and coming back and again the kids did great.  If Ryan seemed to be losing interest we'd just take him for a walk. 

In Palm Springs we stayed at a resort just below Bob Hope's crazy looking house.  It was neat for me to see as I grew up watching stars like him.  We didn't do a lot while we were there.  Mainly hung out at the condo.  Christmas was definitely different - only 1 present each for our kids and we had a 4' tree.  We did get the kids in the pool on Christmas day and they enjoyed that, we got to golf one day and we enjoyed that.  We went over to Westlake Village one day to see some friends of ours and meet their new baby boy.  We had a nice visit but it went by fast.  By this point in our trip Ryan was having issues sleeping at night.  He'd sleep great the first 5 or 6 hours and then it was like he couldn't get comfortable enough to get back to sleep so he'd be up and ready to start the day between 1 & 3.  Luckily there was a Murphy bed out in the den so Scott would take him out there.  This lack of sleep caused us issues on our drive to Westlake Village.  As soon as we got on I10 in Palm Springs he proceeded to cry and scream for the duration of the drive (3 hours).  Every bump, lane change, speeding up, slowing down, etc. would set him off.  Megan luckily slept through it.  We tried to get him to sleep at our friend's house but he didn't want to.  We thought he'd be so exhausted on the way back that he'd sleep and he did a little bit but probably for 2/3 of the drive back he cried and screamed.  Again Megan slept through it.  And of course as soon as the car stopped and he got out he was fine.  Argh!

We think both kids were ready to go home after day 5.  Even Megan started having problems.  Hers were more that she threw big fits about going to bed.  We think she was tired of sleeping in the pack n play where Ryan had to sleep in bed with us and we wonder if it was just too soft of a bed.  So the big lesson learned was 5 days is the max trip with the kids.  When we got home both kids were so excited to see their beds, smiles on both faces and they went to bed without issue and slept wonderfully!  The kids were both happy to get back to preschool and daycare although Megan did have issues with me leaving her even though she was happy to see her friends and teachers.  I had a couple days where I had to sneak out while she was distracted.  This week we were back to normal.  Ryan unfortunately started getting congested on Monday night and was running a fever on Tuesday.  We kept him home Wednesday although he never really acted like he was sick.  His caretaker finally asked could he be teething and I checked his mouth and it does appear that a couple molars could be cutting.  Unfortunately the congestion killed us for 3 nights - he had a hard time sleeping so we were up a lot with him.  But he finally started feeling better last weekend and has done great this week.  Eating went backwards so that has sucked but he's slowly getting better (although twice this week he has gagged so hard he has thrown up).

Since we've been home we've been getting holiday decor down, trying to get caught up around the house and at work, and working on the bonus room.  We got the furniture before Christmas as well as the new speakers but the TV (82" - it's huge) and receiver just came in last weekend so Scott has been working on putting it all together.  We're having the speakers mounted on Tuesday.  Then we just have a little kitchenette/bar area to put in, stuff to hang on the walls, end tables and I think we're done.  We've been going up there after the kids go down at night and enjoying it.  We had originally talked of doing a projector with a 100" screen - I'm glad we didn't because the 82" TV is big enough!  We've also been working on getting Ryan his own walker.  We've been using one on loan from ICAT which is an organization that will loan equipment and toys to disabled people if you are a member of their organization.  We've been borrowing since the fall and unfortunately you can't just check it out for 3 or 6 months - it is a monthly basis so if anyone wants it you may have to give it back and then put your name on the list to get it back.  We know it is going to be a while for Ryan to walk on his own so we thought we need to start going down the path of trying to get him one.  They are about $2500 for the one we want so we're seeing if our insurance and Medicaid will buy it for Ryan as part of durable medical equipment.  His physical therapist has to do an evaluation and we have to have the pediatrician write something and then we wait.  Hopefully we'll know something in the next few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed!  If not I did find an organization out of Denver that has equipment that they will give you if insurance/Medicaid won't buy it so we may go down that route as well.

Megan continues to develop at lightning speed.  After we got back from  Palm Springs she started pushing up while on her belly and scooting backwards.  This week she has started getting up in the crawling position and rocking.  We went to Babies R Us last night and got outlet covers so we're ready for her to start.  Once she gets moving then we'll get all the cupboards and drawers.  We're working on level 2 foods, which she is loving, puffs and drinking from a cup, which she is doing great with.  Hard to believe she is 8 months old already - the time is flying. 

We have a sign language person working with Ryan at developmental therapy on Fridays so we had him send us a list of the signs Ryan knows and uses.  There are so many words we didn't know he knew.  Of course he won't do any of them for us but has been doing some for the caretaker.  We also started working with him and Megan getting them both up to the crawling position at the same time to see if this will motivate Ryan.  Nope.  Just throws a huge fit and bawls.  Going to have to keep plugging away at it because he'll do it without a fuss for the caretaker.  We're hopeful that when Megan does start crawling it may motivate him more.  Again keeping fingers crossed!

Don't have much coming up the rest of this month which is nice.