September 2011


September 6, 2011 - It's been another busy month.  Ryan started aquatic physical therapy on the 18th and so far so good.  The biggest problem is when you get him in water he doesn't listen, he wants to splash and play.  Hopefully he'll get better as we have more sessions.  We had a thyroid test to see where his levels are at and he's off taking synthroid for 3 months and then we'll retest his levels to see if he really needs it or not.  Feeding therapy is now only 1 time a month.  He's still got a long way to go but we've come a long way already.  We had our JumpStart 6 month review and Ryan continues to progress, is much more social and active since this last round of Botox and doing great.   

Little Miss Megan is learning words by leaps and bounds, figuring stuff out all the time for instance she can now climb onto Ryan's bed (it's a full).  One day she's going to figure out how to get out of that crib.  She is trying hard to stand on her tippy toes to get the door knob so she can get outside.  She has been throwing tantrums - which usually involve screaming and hitting - if she doesn't get her way.  We'll be working on correcting that.  She's an eating champ - loves her fruit - and is getting better at using the toddler fork. 

We drove  up to my mom's on August 19th so we could attend my nephew's wedding.  We got the headrest attachment for the iPad and that worked wonders for Ryan.  Megan could see enough to keep her entertained if she wasn't sleeping or playing with a toy.  They did really good until we hit Pendleton and then Megan lost it.  She was hungry so we hit McDonalds for dinner and gave her time to run around.  They did good the rest of the way until we were 30 minutes from my mom's and then Ryan had enough.  We got to my mom's about 10:30 p.m. and of course the kids got a second wind so it took a bit to get them back to bed and of course Ryan was up at normal time.  Saturday morning my niece Dani trimmed the kids' bangs and they look much better.  The wedding was later Saturday at my brother's house overlooking the lake.  Of course Megan didn't want to sit, she wanted to walk around and threw a fit if I tried to get her to do otherwise and Ryan was getting too warm so we took the kids inside my brother's house.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see the ceremony and am so bummed.  Scott did as he took the camera outside and took a bunch of photos.  The reception was really nice and Megan loved the music.  She'd walk a little, stop and dance a little, and then take off walking again.  It was very cute.  I got a small video of one of the times.  She was a busy girl and didn't want to stop but started getting really cranky so we knew it was time to get her home.  She was asleep before we got to the top of my brother's road.  Sunday I met a friend from high school that I hadn't seen in 20 years.  It was great to see her and know that she is doing good.  After the kids had naps we went to the beach.  Unfortunately it has not been all that warm up there this year so the lake was a little cold so we really didn't get in like we'd hoped to.  We drove home that Monday and the kids did really good again.  They were definitely happy to be home!

The weekend of the 27th we had family photos with Ryan's NICU nurse.  We were happy to get into her this year.  Megan wouldn't smile for anything and I didn't think the photographer was going to get anything good but from the few I have seen they look awesome!  Can't wait to see the rest!

We stayed home for Labor Day Weekend.  It was nice to have a quiet weekend.  We got quite a bit done although our washing machine died so we had to run back and forth to the grandparents to do loads of laundry.  (Luckily that got fixed today - hurray!)  Saturday Scott smoked a brisket and we had the Vittoes over to watch the BSU vs. Georgia game.  We had a nice time and our kids enjoyed playing with their kids.  At one point Ryan was getting so wound up and laughing so hard just because Evan walked or ran by him it was hilarious.  Megan enjoyed having their 3 kids to play around with.  We enjoyed watching BSU beat Georgia.  Sunday we took the kids to Settler's Park and they had a blast.  They loved the swings and Megan loved the slide.  We went about 10-10:30 a.m. and it was already pretty warm.  Megan refused to drink any water because she was too busy and of course was getting over heated so we left.  Ryan was getting pretty warm too so it was good timing.  Of course Megan screamed and cried as I carried her to the car.  She did not want to leave.  We'll have to take her back one of these weekends again.  Monday we took the kids to the zoo.  Megan had a lot more fun this time than last.    

September 24, 2011 - The weekend of the 10th we went to Carter's birthday party at Monkey Business.  Of course I put everyone in sandals and forgot socks so we had to buy some.  Ryan wasn't up for trying the bouncy areas but Megan sure was.  She loved the slides and the little playhouse and did not want to leave.  We'll have to get her back there in the future. 

The weekend of the 17th we went to Vegas to celebrate Carter's mom's 40th birthday (even though it is in November).  She wanted to go in September when it was warm enough to sit by the pool.  We stayed at the MGM Grand and of course that was the weekend of the big Mayweather/Ortiz fight so it was crazy there!  Friday night we gambled.  Saturday morning Scott & I went ziplining out in Boulder.  It was different from the one we did in Idaho.  This one you sat more in a parasailing swing harness than a rock climbing harness.  The longest line was about a 1/2 mile and we got going 55-65 miles an hour.  There were 4 sets we went on.  The last one was a fast one and I hit the end so hard it shot me backwards.  I ended up swinging myself back in instead of waiting to see if the line would bring me in.  It was a good time.  Everyone else was at the pool while we were gone.  When we got back we were hungry and tired and needed to shower.  We met everyone later for a little bit before we went to Phantom of the Opera.  This is my favorite musical.  I've seen it 3 times in San Francisco and now once in Vegas.  The Vegas show is a condensed show (only 95 minutes) but they were still able to get all the music in and you could still get what was going on.  The thing that sucked is we were tired.  Too much to do in one day.  Sunday we got the kids gifts and most of the group left except Kris, Jason, us and Scott F.  Kris, Scott & I went out to the outlet mall, did some shopping and had sushi while the boys were at the pool.  We met up with them later and went to Dick's Last Resort at the Excalibur.  If you have never been to Dick's you should go sometime.  They whole theme is to treat you like a dick.  They are rude, make you wear hats on your head with nasty signs or balloon hats that are not all that nice either but it is a lot of fun.  I've been to the one in San Antonio and have had a lot of fun there.  We had a great waiter who treated us like crap but we had oh so much fun and made the beers keep flowing!  Why didn't we bring the group here the first night?  Would have been a lot of fun with everyone.  There was a group of ladies next to us who were celebrating a 50th birthday party.  As they were leaving we talked to the birthday girl.  They were headed to the Thunder Down Under male show and we told them to have fun.  She said you want to go we have 2 extra tickets.  Kris & I were like what the heck it's free and ended up going.  Were slightly disappointed in the show but it was still fun.  The guys went to Coyote Ugly while we were gone and then we met up at the dueling piano bar at NY NY and were there until the wee hours of the night.  Of course we weren't feeling all that great Monday morning and we had to fly back home.  You would think we would learn by now but we didn't.  Oh well it was a great time.  The kids did pretty good with the grandparents.  We did Facetime with them on Saturday and while it was really nice, it apparently was not good for Megan.  She got upset and went to the door to the garage thinking we were coming.  They took her out to the garage so she could see were we not there.  We didn't do that again.  Both kids were happy to see us and Ryan has been in one of the best moods all week.  Megan has started biting at daycare so I need to talk to her teacher because she isn't doing it at home.  Something is frustrating her there so we need to figure it out.

Tonight was the first home BSU football game.  Scott went with some friends and I stayed home with the kids.  Easier on the kids.  We had a nice time and they were both down by 8.  We'll see if they are both up early.  Luckily BSU won by 20 points so that should make Scott happy.  It did but when they got back to the truck they found that someone had stolen our Boise State folding table.  Didn't take any food, beer or anything else but that table.  He said it looked like they set it up in our other parking spot, partied there and then picked it up and took it based on where all the garbage was.  He was pretty unhappy about it as I am too.  Guess we need to invest in a shell for the truck.