Photos taken from 1/18/2012 to 3/4/2012

After being naughty she finally got to try out the Time Out chair from Aunt Sherri & Uncle Pete

She didn't like it much under this situation

Ryan did a lot of this after his tonsils came out

Meg a bit p.o.ed that she can't go upstairs 

This was the day of surgery after we got home

Ryan passed out on the couch again...

And again...

Dad pushing Meg in the car

Megan loves her some Uncle Tucker!

Tucker is such a pretty dog

Megan feeding tucker the rest of her dinner

Now it was time to give him kisses

Meg also started doing a bit of this post surgery

Valentine's Day 2012 - Ryan's shirt said 'This Guy Is A Ladies Man'

Playing in the snow in McCall

Getting ready to go play outside

Not quite sure what she was doing but kind of a scary face

Ryan after surgery trying to eat for the first time

Ryan working with the music therapist

Megan throwing snowballs at Tucker