Pictures between March 23rd and May 28th, 2012

Meg loves to color

Playing a little golf

Ryan loves playing with the kitchen

After eating a black crayon

Kisses to Daddy

Trying to lay like Daddy but not getting it quite right

Getting off the couch when no one was looking

Enjoying outside

Reading Easter cards from Grandma Connie

Coloring Easter eggs

The Easter Bunny came!

Trying a Peep for the first time

Not too sure

Trying a Peep as well

Now she's a Peep addict - look at her double fisting

We couldn't get her to pull out the binky for a picture

Searching for eggs at our house

Taking the mower for a spin

Cousin Melody

Meg and cousin Hannah

Meg with cousins Hannah & Melody

Easter egg hunt at Great Aunt Debbie's house

Melody with Great Aunt Peggy

Megan's basket was so full of eggs she could hardly drag it

Hannah helping Meg look for more eggs

Handsome boy

Ryan and his girlfriend Lizzie at their preschool play

Ryan pressing the switch so the dogs would do their part

Ryan pre-surgery

Ryan post surgery

This is the pump - it literally is the size of a hockey puck

Meg looking silly during bath time

The setup before Meg's party

Isn't that cake adorable - almost hated eating it but so glad we did as it was wonderful!

Ready to open gifts!

She did great opening all her gifts

Trying out her trike with George on the handlebars

Checking out her new playhouse with Carter and Karter

Cake time!

Playing in her  house

Even Auntie enjoyed the playhouse with her adult beverage!

Ryan loves getting in the playhouse

Our monkey!

The other cake on her actual birthday

Meg, Mom & Grandma Connie at daycare's Mother's Day Tea

Meg and BFF Bailey