Photos from July 21st through August 1st

Ryan's 5th birthday party in Boise

The yummy cake nurse Mary made


Ryan and his caretaker Capri

The kids playing in Megan's room

Getting ready to open presents

Opening gifts - he did great trying to rip the paper himself this year

Megan not liking the answer she was given

Ryan blowing out the candle - he actually did it!  So proud of him!

He also ate 1/2 a piece of cake!

Carter and Megan mowing the yard

Playing with the new slide

Megan being silly by the waterfall

Checking out Uncle Bob's plane that he built - it's sweet!

Working in the walker at Grandma Connie's

Megan figured out how to open Grandma's gate and shut it behind her

And then promptly wanted back out!

Eating popcorn!

Playing with Max at Aunt Sherri's house

Don't remember what she was telling Sherri here

I think she's telling Sherri she is ready to get in the pool

This girl is ready to get in the water!

Ryan and Scott enjoying the water

Megan's ready!

First time off the diving board

The crew at the Wenatchee pool party!

Playing with Aunt Zana

Blowing out his candle at the Wenatchee party

Really did not want any cake

He got a ton of stuff

Megan misting Aunt Colleen whether she wanted it or not

After getting a bath Megan hanging out with Aunt Colleen eating Doritos

Uncle Bob buzzing Sherri's house as they headed back to Coulee.

At the beach Ryan took off crawling on the grass - which he does not do - way to go Ryan!

Megan trying to get Dad to take her to the water

It's a bit cold!


Spring Canyon


Ryan blowing out his candle (for the very first time) at his 5th birthday party

Ryan counting to 10