Photos from August 11th to Nov. 6th

Watching the BSU vs. Michigan St. game in McCall

Wendy showing Megan how to throw the ball to Tucker

Our girl

Ryan's first day of kindergarten

Ryan before and after dental surgery

The tooth fairy came to visit

Waiting for Ryan to come home on the bus

The bus comes right to our house

He looks so cute sitting on the bus

The lift loads him and then brings down his stroller

Going to Boo at the Zoo

Meg fed the giraffe

And rode the merry go round

Halloween 2012

Our Cupcake

Our Superman

Our pumpkins

This last photo is one of Ryan's brain from the last MRI we had in 2010 when he was finally stable. 

I have always wanted to show you what it is we look at when we'd meet with the neurosurgeon.

The left side of the photo shows Ryan's right side of his brain.  Notice all the nasty pockets of fluid?

They don't talk to each other so they don't drain.  It's been our big struggle. 

By looking at the picture you should be able to see that the right side of his brain (left side of picture) is quite a bit

smaller than the left side of his brain (right side of picture) - that's the brain damage. 

Next year when we do another MRI it will be interesting to see what our new baseline is.  Will it look the same?