Photos February 2013 to August 2013

Get ready for a lot of photos and videos!

First up happenings in March!

Ryan and Megan got to go bowling with the therapy dogs and loved it!

Megan got to go to her first Boise State basketball game

Ryan got his wheelchair

The kids did an Easter egg hunt on the blue turf

Easter - can't believe I didn't get a shot of the kids together - my bad


We took a bunch of photos of Megan dressed up as princess to see if we could find a photo for her birthday invite

First as Tiana from Princess and the Frog and then as Rupunzel

A little tuckered out after the photoshoot

Grandma & Grandpa took her to Seasame Street Live


Someone got a new playhouse - both kids love it

She has been in to finding sticks lately and thought this was a cute shot of her

Megan turned 3!




Looking cute in her new cowgirl boots and hat

Little boy loves her headphones

Megan and Bailey before the dance recital

Video of the dance recital - so funny

Ryan finished kindergarten!

We had a little issue around this so called graduation but will spare the details

Let's just say Mom was a bit unhappy with the teacher and school

With his aide Cherie


Meg and Aunt Lindsey hanging on the couch - not sure why Meg had to do this pose in the 2nd photo but had us laughing


Megan swimming lessons

Ryan was so tired after his day he passed out on the floor; Megan decided he needed to be covered up

The birthday boy before his last day at JumpStart

Can't believe Ryan is 6!

His new trike

During JumpStart - they did songs that Ryan likes

Because Mom had been so busy she didn't get around to planning a party so we just got a little store made cake

And he tried to blow out the candles

Video of Ryan laughing at the 7 day forecast

Videos from the last day of JumpStart


Megan on her bike

Ryan on his trike

Master bath remodel