Sleepy girl

Playing with whipped cream

Playing with Play-Doh

Working on sitting

So relaxed...

Trying to fall asleep in his tunnel

Smiley girl

So cute...

The thinker

Swimming lessons

Took walker into the pantry and started taking things off the shelves

The capital in DC

Supreme Court

View of DC from Arlington Cemetery - see the Lincoln and Washington Monuments?

Us in front of the White House

The back of the White House

Views from the Washington Monument - the capital

The Lincoln & WWII Memorials

The White House

View of Washington Monument from WWII Memorial

The president coming in on Marine One in front of Washington Monument

Us at the Lincoln Memorial with Washington Monument in the background

Louis C Emery's name on the Vietnam Memorial - someone Scott's dad knew

Washington Monument & White House at sunset from the Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial from the FDR Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument & the Capital taken from the Lincoln Memorial

FedEx Field

Coach Petersen talking to Kirk Hirbstreit

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech coach

Trying out the exersaucer for the first time

Working on sitting

Trying cereal for the first time

Sitting in the high chair

In their Bronco gear! (Love how Megan is holding Ryan's hand)