August 2010


August 21, 2010 - Well things have been interesting around here.  I had updated the website on Aug. 6th and then on the 7th I went to adjust something and I was no longer able to update the website by my normal means.  Our webhost stopped supporting the software I have used forever.  Scott looked at it for me and ended up then wiping out the main page.  He was able to get a temp page up until I could get around to fixing it.  So now let me catch you up on what's been going on.

I went back to work on August 2nd.  It was great to be back to work.  When I got home from work my 2nd day back I was told Ryan had thrown up his lunch.  This didn't concern me as sometimes if you get the food in his mouth wrong he'll gag and throw up if it is bad enough.  When the caretaker said he wasn't interested in his late morning snack I thought that was funny.  So I tried to give him a snack and he refused.  Very reminiscent of when he got sick in July.  I felt his head and it seemed warm so I took his temp and it was 100.4.  No not again!  A couple hours later he threw up and then he threw up again so he was sick.  I stayed home with him on Wednesday and when Scott brought Megan home from daycare her cough was worse.  She had been a little congested and we thought she had a cough because she was trying to deal with nasal drainage.  We kept both kids home on Thursday and Friday.  Friday we took Ryan to the doctor because we were worried about the lack of fluids and dehydration.  The doctor wasn't concerned yet and did give us minimum numbers to work on for fluids.  She also checked Megan to make sure she didn't have an ear infection or anything.  She was all clear.  So that weekend we worked hard on getting fluids in him and he did ok with it.  The night of Monday the 9th he coughed so hard he threw up and we had a couple nights of being up and down with him.  Tuesday we took him back into the doctor and found out he had infections in both ears.  UGH!  We got him started on antibiotics, which he will finish on the 20th, and he's slowly gotten better.  Feeding has been a struggle but at least with the ear infections we understand why.  He's getting closer to normal on feeds but not 100% yet.

We got everyone back on track by the end of last week.  Then Megan started getting another junky nose.  Every night this week Megan has acted like she's had an upset tummy and then gets over it.  Wednesday night she threw up a couple times.  We thought it might have been due to a bottle that might have sat out too long.  We got her to bed and knew she'd be up in the middle of the night hungry.  We got up around 12:30 and gave her some half strength formula and she took it no problems.  Again we thought it might have been the formula.  Took her to daycare Thursday morning and they said there was a stomach bug going around.  Great.  I got a call about an hour after I dropped her off saying she had thrown up twice and to come get her.  Darn!  So I ran and got her and was home with her the rest of the day.  For the most part she was in a good mood.  She took some half strength formula for me but had some fussy periods where she did not want me to put her down.  Last night just before bedtime Ryan threw up all over me.  (Have I told you lately how tired I am of being thrown up on?)  He threw up 2 more times and then we got some Zophran onboard.  He's been in a good mood ever since but we're only pushing liquids at the moment.  We think he has Megan's stomach bug.  We really need to disinfect this house better than we've done and get rid of all of this sickness.  The joys of daycare and we've only just begun!

Ryan started preschool on Tuesday of this week.  Scott & I both could not believe he was actually starting preschool.  I don't know if either of us thought we'd get to this day.  We expected him to be overwhelmed and exhausted when he comes home but he has not been.  He's been in a good mood and appears to be really liking it.  Apparently he is a ladies man again and quite the flirt.  It's been a long time since he had all his ladies at the hospital so I'm sure he's enjoying it.  They told Scott he had been flirting with one little girl during physical therapy.  The little girl's mom told Scott on Thursday that when her daughter came home Wednesday she mentioned that she wanted to go play at Ryan's house.  So cute!

Back on August 4th I was watching the local morning news on the NBC station here.  Their weather guy usually will go out on location to your event to give you some free advertising.  On this day they were at a golf course talking about a tournament for St. Lukes Children's Hospital.  I wasn't paying much attention until one of the pictures on the big sign behind the people talking caught my eye.  It was of Ryan and had his name and a blurb on him.  It was the picture and info from the Christmas card he had been on a couple years ago.  I was so shocked and surprised and proud.  It always brings tears to my eyes when I see the hospital using Ryan for one of their events.