December 2010

December 19, 2010 – Since our last post lots has been going on.  Megan got sick and sent home from daycare on Nov. 18th.  Since she couldn’t go back to daycare until she was over her fever we thought Scott would stay home with her that Friday but that Thursday night she had to sleep with me and only wanted me to take care of her so I ended up staying home with her.  She bounced back by that Saturday but the rest of us ended up not feeling great that the weekend.  Ryan has been sick this week and of course I had to get it as well.  We are both slowly getting over it.  Better now than come Thursday. 

Megan is cutting teeth again – 5 of them on the top.  She cut one of the middle ones on the 22nd, one of the teeth next to the top middle on the 6th and 2 others on top within the last couple days.  She has one more to go at this point.  She’s been a bit cranky as you can imagine.  She is developing like crazy.  On Nov. 23rd she was still a little unbalanced sitting by herself unsupported but on 24th it was like she got it and has been a sitting pro ever since.  Now if we can just get it to motivate her brother!  She is sitting so good she has also upgraded to the blow up duck tub that Ryan uses.  She loves it and is starting to like splashing watch.  She is doing really well with eating - starting on level 2s and daycare has been working some table foods.  She apparently likes graham crackers.  She is now rolling from belly to back but isn't rolling all around yet.  Tonight she was up on her arms and scooting backwards a little bit. 

We went to Parma on Nov. 24th and stayed until the 27th.  We had a good time at Scott’s parents and the kids did pretty good being away from home.  Thanksgiving was a blur – don’t even feel like I enjoyed the food or visiting with family – too busy making sure the kids were ok.  Ryan did eat pureed table food for Thanksgiving – turkey & gravy and sweet potatoes.  He did really good!  Megan even had her own sweet potatoes.  We didn’t make it to Reno for the BSU game.  That is usually the game we like to go to but didn’t want to take the kids.  Good thing we didn’t go as we lost thanks to 2 missed field goal attempts.  We were all in disbelief (the whole town has been) and I asked Scott the next day if I had just had a nightmare.  Nope it’s reality.  So now our hopes of going to the Rose Bowl are over.  We were so hopeful that that is where the team was going to go – it would have worked out great since we’ll already be in Palm Springs.  Darn!  So disappointing…  Now the team is going to the Vegas Bowl but it is the day before we leave for Palm Springs so we won’t be going.  Oh well…

The weekend after Thanksgiving we got our Christmas decorations up.  The kids love the tree and lights.  Ryan immediately crawled under the tree and rolled on to his back and just watched it, then he rolled over and was lifting his head up against a branch and got it to come out.  Since we put presents under it he has done much better with it.  Megan just loves to watch it.  We use my parents aluminum Christmas tree that they got in 1952 when they got married.  It is so neat with all the Christmas lights on it.  We put Megan on the bouncy horse that Ryan got a couple years ago and she loves it.  We’ll put her on it pointed towards the tree and she’ll get bouncing on it until she moves the horse across the living room until she gets in front of the tree and then she’ll just sit there and watch it. 

Ryan had dental surgery on Dec. 2nd.  They took x-rays, cleaned & checked his teeth and fixed those that needed it.  He ended up having the 4 top middle teeth crowned.  He look so different and Scott & I can’t get over it.  It grows him up in looks we think.  It has taken him time to get used to the new teeth.  The reason they crowned was because the enamel is gone and the teeth were chipping so the dentist was trying to make sure these teeth didn’t rot.  The rest of his teeth looked good so the dentist put a sealant on them just to make sure.  The x-rays show his adult teeth appear to be coming in just fine but it does appear he is missing a couple teeth.  We’re not too worried since I’m missing 8-10 teeth that never came in - they think due to me having a small mouth.  Now we just wait and see how his adult teeth look when they come in but we have every indication to believe they will come in ok since they developed after all that Ryan went through when he was born.

Ryan has been a crawling machine lately and we love it.  Before we had presents under the tree, he crawled from the living room to the kitchen then to the dining room and then under the Christmas tree back into the living room.  He’s been crawling into the master bedroom and bathroom to see what we’re doing.  It is great!  We haven’t been working hard on eating with having colds and the new teeth but hope to get back on track soon but he is doing well enough that feeding therapy is going to every other week.  That's big!  We have been trying to work on fluids.  He definitely does not get the amount a normal child gets but we get enough wet diapers a day that no feels he is dehydrated but there is lots of room for improvement.  So we’ve all been working on increasing and it is coming along slowly. 

Nurse Suzi came and babysat the kids the 5th with another NICU employee, Lori, so we could go to dinner.  Suzi couldn’t believe how far Ryan has come and enjoyed how much of a love he is.  She also got her first encounter with Megan.  Megan is a mama’s girl and she gets fussy if mama is not around sometimes.  We left while she was napping and so when she got up there were people she didn’t know watching her so she was pretty fussy until we got home.  Then she was happy as could be to see her mama.  They say they will babysit again but they may rethink that…

We've been busy with a few holiday parties including daycare and preschool each having one.  We did get a couple photos of the kids on Santa's lap.  Of course Megan got a good hold of Santa's beard and gave it a good tug.  Yesterday morning we drove to Parma to open presents with Scott's family.  The kids got lots of good stuff and Megan got to see Uncle Tucker.  She so loves that dog.  Actually even when she see's stuff animal dogs she just loves them.  I see a dog in our future (probably a year and a half away).  We had Carter and his parents over last night for dinner and did presents.  This morning we celebrated Christmas since we're not taking any presents with us.  We all made out great.  Of course the kids didn't care too much.  They enjoyed the paper more than the presents.  We are hopeful that Santa will still show up in Palm Springs with a gift or two for the kids.  They have both been good!

Now we're busy getting ready to head to Palm Springs.  Sent some stuff down with Scott's grandparents so we didn't have to take the stuff in our luggage since they were driving.  Now we only have to take clothes, bottles and toys.  Not looking forward to flying with the kids (4 hour lay over in San Francisco) but would rather deal with flying than the drive.

2010 has been a good year for our little family.  We've been blessed with the birth of our daughter and are watching her grow and develop at lightning speed.  Ryan has had good health that has kept us out of the hospital for the most part, he got into the developmental preschool we wanted, we got him a great caretaker and we're seeing improvements although he still has a long way to go.  Scott & I have been healthy and enjoying all the time we've spent with the kids.  We're finishing up making our bonus room into a media room.  Once it is all finished we'll post pictures.  We hope next year is as good of year as this year.

As this will be our last post for 2010, we hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Safe travels to those who are traveling and we hope everyone has a magical holiday!