June 2010


June 8, 2010 - Sorry for the delay in writing but we've been a bit busy with baby and being exhausted.  Megan is now 4 1/2 weeks old.  I weighed her on our scale the other day and she came in at 8.9 lbs.  I don't know if I believe she is about 9 lbs. but she is definitely bigger.  She did weigh in at the doctor's office a week and a half ago at 7 lbs 2 oz.  Her face is filling out, her legs are getting chunky and she is finally fitting newborn size clothes.  She continues to be a good eater and goes from happy to pissed in zero seconds when she is hungry.  Definitely has my impatience.  We've been taking her out more and more and she is doing great with it.  She loves the car seat - puts her right to sleep.  I love it too.  Her umbilical cord stump finally fell off about 2 weeks ago so we've been able to give her tub baths.  She is actually enjoying them.  She just doesn't like moving from the bath to the towel (I don't blame her).  I am late at getting started but have to begin the search of daycare.  If anyone has any recommendations for places (commercial or in home) out here in Meridian I'd love to hear from you.

Ryan continues to be improving thanks to the caretaker.  He has finally learned where his nose is.  Scott & I worked for months on this and it never stuck with him.  The caretaker worked less than a week and it stuck.  Don't know if it is all her or his brain is at the point where he is starting to get it.  So now when you ask him where his head, ear, tongue, nose and belly are he will touch those body parts.  The other night Scott & I were having popcorn and Ryan actually chewed and swallowed without gagging some of the puffy pieces that Scott gave him.  It was amazing.  We still have a long way to go with eating but it was encouraging.  Ryan still doesn't pay much attention to Megan.  When I have Megan on a blanket on the floor working on tummy time, he is more interested in the blanket than her.  He still thinks it is funny when she cries and when they are both in the backseat of the car he looks at her like why is she going with us.

We got notified late last week that the JumpStart preschool we really want to get into is screening for the openings they have coming up.  We have our appointment on June 29th first thing in the morning.  Keep your fingers crossed!  This would be a wonderful place for Ryan to get into.  Another great thing for Ryan is when he turns 3 he qualifies for a developmental therapist 20 hours a week.  This therapist can work with him in our home, in the community or at a developmental center.  Scott & I went and checked out developmental centers last Thursday and think we've selected a good place for him to go.  The paperwork is ridiculous so I now have to get started on that along with the JumpStart paperwork.  We're hoping to have the developmental therapist start on July 26th and for that week work with him in our home for them to get used to each other (this is also my last week of maternity leave).  Then we'll have him start going to the center in the mornings during August and then he'll have the PCS caretaker in the afternoons.  Once preschool starts we will have to figure out what we will do.  We don't want to lose the caretaker or the developmental therapist so we'll have to work out a schedule so we can continue both.  

I have to share a couple cute stories about Ryan.  There is a TV commercial with Montel Williams for MoneyMutual.  The caretaker started noticing that when this commercial comes on Ryan says ball.  I thought it was coincidental but sure enough one day he was talking away while we were in the living room and then this commercial came on and he turned his attention to it and immediately said ball.  We haven't said bald around him prior to noticing this so we think he thinks Montel's bald head is a ball.  It's pretty cute.  The other story is last Saturday I had Megan in her swing.  She was asleep and swinging away.  Ryan likes to get under her swing (when she is not in it) and push it back and forth.  Well this day he rolled over by it, noticed that it was swinging without his help and had a melt down.  So I moved him across the living room, he eventually rolled back over to it and had another melt down that it was still swinging.  What a silly kid.

June 12, 2010 - Ryan continues to do cute things that we have to share.  The other night I had the bouncy seat in front of the swing and there was another chair on the other side so Ryan was having a hard time getting to the swing so he could play under it.  Next thing Scott & I know is he is crawling under the bouncy seat to get to the swing (click link to see the pictures).  What a silly kid.  We also tried him on a pureed PB&J this week and he ate it wonderfully.  We're going to be trying more foods to try to work towards table food.

Megan is doing good.  We got her moved into her room on Thursday night (she'd been in our room).  First night she did great.  Last night was a bit rougher so I'm a bit tired today.  I did get a cute video of her talking.  She just started it in the last 48 hours.