November 2010

November 5, 2010 - The ENT doc appointment went very well.  She scoped his nose and said his adenoids are huge so no wonder he is having problems.  She checked his ears and pockets of fluid in both (and he'd been on antibiotics for about 2 weeks) and his tonsils are nice and small.  So surgery #20 is on Monday the 8th at 11:30 a.m.  She is going to drain the fluid from his ears and if it is thick fluid she will put tubes in but if it is thin fluid then she probably won't.  Then she'll remove his adenoids and leave his tonsils.  We actually are really excited for this surgery since it should help him sleep better, breath better, eat better, and just overall feel better. 

I need to get the Halloween photos posted and will probably do that this weekend.  We took the kids to Parma to Scott's parents and grandparents and then came back and hit his other grandparents.  The kids were troopers in their costumes and I have to say Megan was so stinking cute as a lady bug. 

And just a quick note on the Christmas cards - they are to be in the stores this week.  I haven't seen any yet but will be checking out the gift shops over the next few days.

November 14, 2010 - Surgery #20 took place on Monday.  It ended up being 25 minutes long.  The doctor drained the fluid from Ryan's ears, put tubes in and then took out his adenoids.  She again said they were huge and also asked when his next audiologist appointment was as she is very interested to see if he hears a little better.  When we got into recovery he was not a happy camper.  Had to give him something to take the edge off.  We tried to get him to eat something but he wouldn't and it ended up being that was what was keeping us there.  Finally I said to the nurse that with his oral aversion who knows when we'll get him to eat but we'd have better luck at home in his normal surroundings otherwise they may have to keep us a couple days.  She said she'd call anesthesia and have them come talk to us.  Scott tried feeding Ryan pudding with his finger and he finally took it so we got to go home.  The rest of the day we tried to keep him quiet although he did play a little with the great grandparents.  He was up and down in how he felt and I over estimated how quick he would recover.  We ended up staying home with him the next day.  He was pretty whiny in the morning but when the caretaker came in the afternoon he was his normal self.  He went back to preschool on Wednesday.  We like those kind of surgeries and those kind of recoveries!  We didn't really skip a beat on eating and we saw immediate improvement in his sleeping - no more snoring.  He was so quiet it was almost bothersome!  He's been doing great ever since.  He will be having one more surgery this year.  On December 2nd he is having dental surgery.  They need to go in and take x-rays and check the teeth.  He's worried that the ones in the front are brittle from all Ryan has gone through so he is going to see what he can do for him.  Hopefully that one he will only be down that day and we'll be back on track the following day.

Finally got some photos of the kids in their costumes and just a bunch of photos in general.  Yesterday Scott ran to Parma to help his parents.  The kids and I stayed home.  Megan was playing with the kicking toy (you remember Ryan's kicking toy right?) and Ryan didn't care for that too much.  He wanted to be in the action.  It was pretty cute.  I also had Megan play with the little gym thing where we have toys dangling down.  I had gone into the laundry room to do something real quick and when I came back Ryan was laying on Megan playing with the toy too.  Yes I said on Megan.  I couldn't believe it.  What a turkey!  They actually played a lot yesterday and were so cute.  Ryan now says please and I love you and they are so cute.  He understands please as well so he'll say back please, arm please, up please.  We've had mornings where we wake up to him just saying please over and over and over and then finally an up is thrown in the mix.  It is so cute you have a hard time saying no.  I have to get it on video.  We're hoping now that he is feeling better he'll really take off.  He starts 4 days a week at preschool tomorrow.  Megan turned 6 months on the 7th.  Can't believe it.  She gets shots and her checkup tomorrow since I had to reschedule due to Ryan's surgery.  She does some sitting unsupported but only can do that for a couple minutes.  She is starting to cut one of her top teeth so she has been a bear today.  Friday I'm going to the football game with the girls and Scott is staying home with the kids.  Hopefully it goes better than last time!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Again if you are interested in ordering the Christmas cards you can go to and he is on the Bishop's House.  They are suppose to be in the gift shop tomorrow so I'm hoping to get my hands on them to verify.  I don't know if I'll update before Thanksgiving or not so if I don't, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

November 15, 2010 - I have Christmas cards in my hands.  Ryan is actually on 2 cards this year - the Bishop's House and the Boise Depot.  Same picture and blurb on both cards.  I was buying them in the St. Lukes Gift Shop and the gal at the counter was telling the other gal that she met the little guy on the picture (saying it in a way that made me think she thought he was a celebrity) and then I told her he was my kid and she gushed about how cute he is.  Definitely a proud mama moment!

Took Miss Megan in for her 6 month checkup.  She weighs 17 lbs 13 oz (85th percentile) and 26 inches long (60th percentile).  She is a tubby girl.  Developmentally she is scoring well on the questionnaires and the pediatrician said we'll have our hands full with her ranking high on problem solving and fine motor.  Said she'll be removing the child proof locks before we know it.  Great... :-)