Ryan's December '09 Blog

December 13, 2009 - Things continue to be going well for our little family.  Ryan is making some progress in learning words.  He's trying to mimic what you say a little more and his new word this past week is ball and when you show him a ball and ask what it is he says ball.  His PT brought him what is called a Rifton chair.  It is a special needs chair and it has been very nice for working with Ryan.  We started weekly OT this past Monday and Ryan did really well in some sensory areas which made us all pleased.  He has been doing well at feeding therapy as well.  His eating continues to be about the same.  We're working on level 3 baby food with the chunks blended out of it.  It makes the food thicker than level 2 and he's done well.  He does have a spitting problem - especially when Mom feeds him - that we're working through.  His feeding therapist got the pleasure of seeing it on Friday.  He has been working on standing more so we're pleased with that.  Since Thanksgiving Ryan continues to have meltdown after meltdown.  We think part of it is a normal developmental stage, part of it is he is sensing the new baby and part of it is Mom not being able to pick Ryan up as much as he is used to.  Either way these meltdowns are getting old!  Friday the great grandparents were helping out Mom and Ryan melted down after Great Granddad put him in the high chair and walked away.  Great Granddad ended up having to sit at the dining room table until Mom finished feeding Ryan so he wouldn't melt down again.  When we were leaving feeding therapy, Great Granddad put Ryan in the car seat and then got back out of the car so he could get back in the seat properly and Ryan did not like him getting out of the car.  He started to melt down until he saw Great Granddad get back in the car and then he gave this silly little laugh.  It had all of us laughing.  Silly little boy.  He sure is entertaining.  One bad thing is he whacked the caretaker in the nose again and we're positive he fractured it again.  Apparently he was working on standing and started jumping up and down and got her with his head this time.  We'll be interested to see if this causes her to be pulled off our account this time. 

Last night we threw Dad's friend Brian a graduation party and we had about 20 people or so at the house.  Ryan did really good for most of it but by about 7:30 was over stimulated and had enough.  Grandma Pam took him into his room and rocked him and he tried to fall asleep so we got him ready for bed, took him back out to the living room where he wanted to snuggle with Great Grandma Yvonne for awhile.  Then he had enough and he was in bed a little after 8.  We were a little worried that he wouldn't sleep with the noise from the party but he did.  And of course he was up bright and early at 5:15 this morning.  UGH!  Mom and Dad were not ready to get up. 

Mom has been feeling good and her last ultrasound looked good.  Weekly shots start tomorrow morning and will go for 18 weeks until Mom gets to 36 weeks.  Not looking forward to it but at least it is weekly not daily!