Ryan's January '10 Blog


January 1, 2010 - Happy New Year!  We hope this posting finds that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  Ours has been nice but it is hard to believe it is almost over and time to go back to work.  Mom and Dad have been off since the afternoon of the 23rd and it has blown by!  Grandma Connie came down on the 23rd and stayed with us until the 28th.  Christmas was very nice - Ryan got spoiled as usual and couldn't care less as usual.  We had Dad's parents, sister, and both sets of grandparents over for Christmas dinner and that was really nice.  The 28th after Grandma Connie left we drove up to McCall and spent a few days at Grandpa Eric's place.  It was nice to get away.  We went to Shore Lodge one night for dinner and Ryan behaved very well there.  Dad gave tastes of his cream of carrot soup and Ryan was taking it willingly off Dad's spoon!  We took Ryan sledding one afternoon and he loved it more than last year.  New Years Eve was very uneventful for us - Ryan was in bed by 8:30, Mom by 9 and Dad after 10.  How boring are we???

As far as therapies have been going Ryan has been doing well.  We're still making some progress in talking.  He loves to be on your lap and have you lean him backwards and has been saying Go Back and then giving you his hands.  It's pretty cute.  He definitely know what Up is and Go and is using them appropriately.  We did see the eye doctor on the 17th and his left eye is crossing again so we're back to patching his eye as you will see in some of the photos.  Ryan has been a turkey with Mom.  The week before Christmas he flat out refused to eat for her or let her brush his teeth but had no problem once Dad took over.  If he wanted to go backwards and Mom said no he would try to head butt her.  He's been better lately but boy there were a few days there that it was rough.  He's been a chatter box lately too.  Definitely has a lot to say even though we can't understand it! 

Mom is 21 weeks now and starting to show.  We've been doing shots for 3 weeks and so far so good.  Mom's last ultrasound on the 23rd looked good and they got a great shot of Megan's feet together.  Mom goes back to the doctor on Tuesday for a quick checkup and then back on the 14th for the 20 week survey (even though she will be almost 23 weeks).  Hoping to see how Megan is measuring and get some cute pictures.  The next few weeks are going to be telling.  Hard to believe we're almost to 24 weeks (that is when Ryan was born).  Keeping fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers that Megan will behave and stay in until May!

Now that the holidays are over we will begin working on Megan's room and we will start working on transitioning Ryan into the Meridian school district.  We'll be going to check out a developmental preschool in the next couple weeks and have our initial transition meeting in February.  Our service coordinator is also looking into other developmental preschools for us if we decide to put Ryan in one all day.  We think we'll start with the half day and see how he does.  He'll probably be pretty overwhelmed at first but we're hoping he'll really take off.  Then probably next January we'll see how things are going and if he can handle more.  He'll start developmental preschool next August when the school year starts again.  As of right now he'll be going to Prospect Elementary unless we don't like it when we visit.  It's about 1 mile from our house so that is nice and close!

January 15, 2010 - Ryan has now officially had his first cold.  Can you believe it?  2 1/2 and his first cold.  He's had a runny nose for a couple weeks and it started getting worse around the 6th.  By the 7th and 8th, his nose was really bad so much so that we would have to get him up in the middle of the night to suck him out.  He got a little cough but that was more to get rid of the phlegm.  So Thursday and Friday he really didn't feel very good so the caretaker took it easy on him.  By Saturday, he was feeling better but was having loose stools - almost diarrhea.  We stopped the Miralax this week and he still has had multiple loose stools each day and he hasn't eaten great unless he is really hungry.  We assume he has a little bug in his belly and are watching.  Since Wednesday this week he's been pretty much back to normal except that he is sleeping in until about 7 and only taking an hour to an hour & a half naps.  We have enjoyed the little bit of sleeping in.  Definitely glad he is feeling better and so lucky that this didn't go into his lungs. 

Ryan had Botox injections on Monday.  This time we did his hamstrings and calves.  The calves really must have hurt because he cried so much he actually had tears (which is rare for him).  And he bled more than normal.  He was out of sorts the rest of the day until Mom and Dad got home.  In meeting with the doctor at the abilities clinic, he said it is time to start thinking of getting Ryan in braces so we can stabilize his ankles during weight bearing.  Of course orthotics does not appear to be covered by our insurance but we're told Medicaid will pay for it so we'll be going down that path here in the next week or two. 

Mom had an ultrasound yesterday and Megan is doing great.  She is a busy girl already and has been kicking Mom quite a bit - Dad got to finally feel her last Sunday.  They checked every body part imaginable and she looks great.  She is measuring ahead by 4 days.  Mom is 23 weeks today.  Our goal is to get past January 26th.  This is 24 4/7 - which is when Ryan was born.  Then the goal will be to get through a day at a time without going into labor.  Either at the next appointment or the following, they will hook Mom up to the monitor to make sure there are no contractions going on.  Mom hasn't felt anything like that but has had some pressure so we will be watching that closely.